What are the ISC Workshops?

The ISC workshops are aimed at teaching all students (yes, even freshman non-engineering majors) the basic skills needed to build a robot. The program is designed around building and programming a small robot in a semester, and teaching the mechanical, electrical, and programming aspects involved.

When is it?

The time for each workshop will be listed on the calander. For more details (as well as specific rooms) feel free to e-mail the ISC PR team (Or ask them anything else about the club or the training program). It is recommended that you bring your own laptop if possible, but the ISC will provide all the other necessary materials.

Can I do X instead?

Yes - we are happy to help you add your own unique twist to what you make, from printing a different chassis that you designed to using different components, and the last portion of each training session is a "workshop" where everyone can work on what they are interested in and we will be sharing whatever knowledge we have of robotics.

Why are we running this?

This is aimed at giving participants the knowledge and skills that are necessary for successfully working with one of our larger robots - the principles are the same, just scaled up and aimed at a competition. We want people to be able to join our competition teams and feel useful, and this is one of the ways that we are striving towards that goal.


Sample of a previous robot: