Team Argon

Team Contacts:

Kyle Saenz (

Jetal Patel (

Meetings are posted on the ISC calendar. Feel free to join us!






URC Website Link:

The Argon Team is a team that is participating in the University Rover Challenge. This is a yearly event held in desert of Hanksville, Utah


Team Objective:

  • To design a lightweight rover that can operate in mars-like conditions while completing a number of specific tasks. This means Building a rover that will be able to traverse rough terrain, collect supplies such as tools for astronauts, fix broken down equipment, and be able to collect & analyze soil samples.


Why you should join:

  • Gain experience in rover design and teamwork

  • Gain mechanical experience with carbon fiber

  • Gain knowledge in design and fabrication of a robotic arm as well as programming and controlling it

  • Gain experience working in a diverse group among multiple degrees/departments. i.e. Geology majors for the environmental portion of the URC


Our Team:

Our team’s main focus is to not only compete in the competition, but to make sure that we having fun along the way. We are open to all members that wish to learn more through hands on work, regardless of how much prior experience you may have. That said, please contact either Kyle or  Brandon (e-mails above) if you wish to learn more and be involved.