M-DART (Michigan-Dearborn Autonomous Racing Team; formerly Team Octagon and Team PowerWheels) will participate for it’s first time at the 2018 SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition hosted by Denver Maker Faire located at SparkFun headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The competition will take place October 14th-15th.

The goal of the Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) is to create a single rider vehicle that will be able to perform in the various sub-competitions within the AVC. This includes the Autonomous Car Wars and Logistics Class competitions.


The objective of the Autonomous Car Wars competition is to build a single rider autonomous vehicle that will safely transport a human passenger that is holding a cup of “coffee” and a Nerfblaster. The vehicle must transport the passenger safely to the destination with minimal faults/errors. The passenger must attempt to fire at stationary targets while the vehicle attempts its run of the course. Additional points are awarded for shooting targets as well as not spilling any “coffee”.

The objective of the Logistics Class competition attempts to recreate engineering hurdles specifically seen in the in-warehouse transportation of goods as well as self-driving freight vehicles. Each team will have 10 minutes to complete as many tasks on the course as possible. Tasks include starting on a signal, stopping at intersections, picking up objects for delivery, dropping off objects in delivery zones, stacking objects on a poll, and sorting objects based on color. If teams are able to complete any task fully autonomously, a multiplier will be applied to the score.

Team Contact:
For any additional information or questions, contact team lead Justin Kim (justinkj@umich.edu).

For team meeting times, consult the ISC Calendar.