Executive Board

The Executive Board is the administration of the Intelligent Systems Club. They are comprised of 5 elected members, plus a representative from each active, non-administrative Team.

The 5 elected members, as of 8/31/2019, are as follows:

  • President: JessRose Narsinghia <jnarsing@umich.edu>
  • Vice President: David Cutting <dcutting@umich.edu>
  • Executive of Public Relations: Matthew Abraham
  • Executive of Business: Benjamin DiDonato <bddidona@umich.edu>
  • Executive of Logistics: -

Roles and responsibilities of E-board members:

  • Responsible for leading the organization and ensuring that its intended purposes are fulfilled.
  • Must organize general meetings and executive board meetings.
  • Ensure all necessary information is documented and passed down, including University resources, club accounts, locker combinations, and any other important details.
Vice President:
  • Responsible for leading the organization in the absence of the President.
  • Assisting the President with the overseeing of administrative functions and convening meetings when necessary.
  • Administering elections in the case of a contested executive board position.
Executive of Business:
  • Head of the Business team whose responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining the organization's accounts, including having an authorized signer for university paperwork.
  • Organizing sponsor-ships and donations.
  • Facilitating purchasing while maintaining a record of purchases and budgets.
  • Providing financial statements upon request.
  • Maintaining relationships with key contacts involving university accounts.
Executive of Public Relations:
  • Head of the Public Relations team whose responsibilities include:
  • Ensuring that the organization's website, calendar(s), and social media sites are up to date.
  • Recruiting new members into the club and retaining existing members through social events.
  • Establishing internal and external relationships with other organizations for outreach events.
  • Advertising the club through means such as classroom talks, t-shirts, logo development, fliers, training program and more.
Executive of Logistics:
  • Head of the logistics team whose responsibilities include:
  • Creating and updating the Lab Safety Guide.
  • Ensuring the club complies with OSHA and University safety standards, including a plan of action for emergency situations.
  • Keeping the lab space clean, organized, and well-maintained including but not limited to tools and equipment.
  • Maintaining an inventory of club assets, 24/7 access list, and providing them upon request.

The non-administrative Team Representatives, as of 8/31/2019, are as follows:

  • Team Ohm: Matthew Abraham
  • Team Yeti: David Cutting <dcutting@umich.edu>

Each team lead is responsible for keeping track of their team's active members, budgets, equipment, and maintaining a steady rate of progress & activity.

The ISC is governed by the Executive Board, however the power of the Executive Board is limited by an established ISC Constitution.